Where We Get Our Inspiration...

Lanechangers – We love people that speak their truth and push the expectations of society. People that break the mold as far as what you expect. We love the creators & individuals that have stepped out of their lane to push cultural and social change. People like Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Ari Melber, and Hasan Minhaj; these guys have really taken the information people need to know and have changed the game in terms of the way they receive it. It sounds crazy, but we want to do that for t-shirts and other apparel. We want to take your expectation of a t-shirt or other piece of apparel and really reinvent it. Not just what it looks and feels like, but why you bought it.

Music – A Tribe Called Quest, BIG, Outkast, J. Cole, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Erykah Badu, The Roots and other hip-hop artists really inspired a lot of the things we want to create. Their content is real, gritty, and down to earth. They talk about things that affect real life and sew stories into their music that really evoke thought. That’s what we try to convey with our apparel.

Other brands & Creators – brands like the Hundreds and Staple have great people who’ve started from tees and pushed the limits of what we expect from a quality tee. Bobby and Ben really set the bar when it comes to being openly progressive and unapologetic when it comes to what people expect from a t-shirt brand that pushes the envelope and has such a wide audience. Jeff Staple is the ultimate creative. He’s really made us think about the little extras you can put into something as simple as a t-shirt. Concepts and Deon Point really have been an inspiration by making sure their offerings have a great story behind them. We really think creating a narrative that’s relatable to your audience is of immense value and Concepts does that every time. They don’t force anything and they don’t try to just make things that sell-out or have a ton of hype behind them. There are a ton of brands that constantly make us want to be better and push us to do the little things you don’t expect.

Education – We’re always in awe of what we don’t know and how much there is to be learned. Introducing educational and intellectual ideas into our apparel is something we think no one else is doing to a huge extent, but we feel like once in a while a piece of apparel should teach you something you never knew and inspire you to keep learning.

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