Why Ivy...

As a parent you think about the world you’re raising your child in. You think about the things you wish were better and at times you get frustrated by the things you see and hear. Then you hear about how most people isolate themselves from stepping up and addressing the things that bother them about the world. I hear people say “Oh I’m not political”, or “I can’t watch the news anymore, it’s so negative” but to me that’s not helpful. The water my daughter drinks and the air she breathes isn’t cleaner because I avoid being political, boys and men aren’t going to look at her as an intellectual equal because I turned off the news and didn’t try to start conversations about sexism and misogyny. Most things that affect people’s lives on a daily basis are social, or political. For me Ivy was a way to address the social concerns I have. For me it’s not about being negative, controversial, or divisive but more about thinking about the world I want my daughter and all the other children to live in one day. I want to be able to tell her that I was a part of making the world better and helping to inspire unity and love.

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