Who We Are...

As a full-fledged sneakerhead and hip-hop enthusiast I’ve been inspired by the explosion of culture and community the two have encouraged. I wanted to create a cool streetwear inspired brand that conveys positive and progressive clothing. I’ve always believed good consumers care not just about being cool, but also about the message the clothing, and ultimately, the brand behind the clothing offers.

In the world today, there are a plethora of negative and divisive ideals that have overrun many of the places that were once safe havens for care, compassion, and truth. People seem more disjointed and more self-involved than ever before, at least in my lifetime. So many of us aren’t used to the vitriol, the anger, and the indifference that seems to plague our society.  

Ivy is something different. Ivy is a brand/symbol/visual cue that represents positivity and community. Our clothing represents these ideals through our bold, simple, and yet thoughtful aesthetics. Ivy represents the strength of people as they grow, together. Blades of grass, trees, and weeds all grow separately, but ivy grows together. Ultimately, we are all Ivy.